Many clients are confused about what the law actually says due to misinformation and out-of-date info provided by family members and friends who mean well, but are not attorneys.

This lack of experience can lead to costly mistakes, which is why it is important to seek expert representation as soon as possible.

Why do you need expert council to handle your divorce? Because the outcome of your case will cause a lasting change in the lives of everyone involved.

Beyond just an agreement to part ways, divorce can effect your financial situation and the amount of time you spend with children or grandchildren. That’s why it’s extremely important to seek representation as soon as possible and follow the advice given by your attorney.

At Fault or No Fault?
We see adultery, bigamy, conviction of a felony, desertion, mental and physical cruelty, drunkenness or drug addiction and impotence all as grounds for a traditional divorce. Whether or not you’re filing for a no-fault or at-fault divorce, we have your back every step of the way.
Support When You Need It
It’s no secret that divorce can be scary and difficult. Especially if things get messy. That’s why J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates will be there to support you and help you navigate the tough circumstances that come along with a divorce in the State of Alabama.
Contested and Non-Contested
A contested divorce is necessary when emotional issues like child custody or just complex financial issues in divorces are involved. An Uncontested Divorce applies when both parties will agree on the terms of the marital settlement and present them to the court. These types of divorces are often much less expensive and may even allow the parties involved to arrive at compromises instead of court orders.
Compassionate Representation
At J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates, we’re forever dedicated to providing for you the professional and highly personalized legal services you need when faced with a divorce. We understand the tough battle and the strain that comes along with the dissolution of a marriage, so we bring not only our legal advice to the table but also emotional support. This won’t ever stop us fighting aggressively for our clients’ rights, however. At J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates, we fight hard for the settlement you deserve. Give us a call today.
Why Should You Consider Using J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates?
  • Compassionate Emotional Support
  • Legal Assistance You Can Count On
  • Thorough Knowledge of Alabama Divorce Law
  • Aggressive Fighting For The Settlement You Deserve
  • Affordable Representation
  • We’re more than lawyers….We’re Here to be Friends.
Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best

At J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates, we’ll work and do whatever we can to help you through not only the emotional strain and mess of a divorce but also through the tricky legal waters that lead to a settlement you deserve. Don’t settle for less than the absolute best. And at J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates, we work to be the best just for you. Give us a call or click today for more information.

Divorce Cases

Almost everyone going through a divorce in Alabama enters the situation completely unfamiliar with the divorce laws in our state. Let us help you understand how the law applies to your specific situation.