At J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates, we believe in restoring normalcy to families as quickly as possible while also addressing all of your questions, concerns, and issues. We will work hard to assist you in developing a thorough understanding of the case while also working to prevent additional stress and legal roadblocks that stand in the way of your settlement.

No matter who you are, custody cases take a toll on families and individuals alike. While we believe that resolving issues outside of a courtroom is definitely preferable, when litigation is necessary, we have the experience and determination, as well as the compassion and understanding that is necessary to properly secure the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Protection for Children in Divorce
Often, when faced with the idea of divorce, the determining factor is the future of the children involved. Thoughts of the future with your children in the middle of a divorce can cause stress, worry, and immense concern. Obviously, nobody wants to be without their child. In fact, many couples stay in a bad relationship for the sole purpose of making sure their children are happy.

Today, we want to let you know that with the assistance of an experienced Child Custody Attorney, you can start today and work to build a plan and a future that involves not only your happiness but the happiness of your children. Give us a call today!

We'll Fight For You
When things start looking nasty in a Divorce, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We’ll be with you every single step of the way, guiding and informing you of your rights as a parent or grandparent and helping you understand the Child Custody laws in Alabama. Don’t let others call the shots on your happiness. Let us fight for you Today.
Child Custody in Alabama
Divorces can be complicated and mean complicated measures have to be taken for Child Custody. That being said, if a couple is able to agree on a custody arrangement without any input, the court will, in most cases, honor the agreement. In the case of a couple being unable to agree though, there will have to be a custody hearing in court. The #1 concern for nearly every court in creating a custody arrangement will be the child’s best interests and secondly, those of his or her relatives.
Are You Involved in a Child Custody Dispute?
Child custody issues are often the most difficult to resolve because they bring along high stress and emotional roller coaster rides that leave everyone in despair and anguish. This is why it is imperative when you are involved in a child custody case to have a third party with knowledge of the law and experience with custody arrangements by your side to help you navigate the legal maze.
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Leave the pain of the past in the past and do what you think is in the best interest of your children with the help of J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates.

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Don’t leave the fate of your family to chance. Put it in the hands of people who care about you. At J. Jerry Pilgrim and Associates, we will do everything in our power to help you make a smooth transition and keep your children in your care. Give us a call TODAY!

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