Child Support In Alabama

Child support is the procedure of a noncustodial parent making court-ordered payments to the custodial parent to support the minor child or children resulting from the parties’ relationship.

Child Support Cases

When parents divorce or separate, they each have a duty to provide emotional, physical, and financial support for their minor children, ultimately ensuring the child or children’s needs are being met. In most cases, the non-custodial parent will pay a court-ordered child support payment to the custodial parent in accordance with Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration Rule 32. However, in certain situations each parent equally shares the physical custody rights and may share the child support responsibility or may result in a modified payment amount.

Determining child support payments, arrears, and modifying child support payments can sometimes be challenging to understand. At Pilgrim & Pilgrim, we make it our duty to ensure you know what’s going on, how to deal with issues as they arise, and above all, make sure you have the support you need while we help fight for you and your child’s rights.

Don’t settle for less because your family deserves more. Call us today for more information on how we can help you with your child support case.

     If you need to modify your existing court-ordered child support payment, we’re here to help. We work to create equitable, enforceable legal solutions for your child support issues and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

    The lawyers at Pilgrim & Pilgrim can assist you through: 

    • Divorce
    • Child Support and Custody
    • Alimony
    • Pre- and Postnuptial Agreements 
    • Division of Assets, Property, and Debt
    • Disposing of or Separating Equity
    • Appeals

    Working With Pilgrim & Pilgrim

    Child support cases can get messy fast- but that’s where we can step in and help you fight for the rights of you and your child and also help you better understand the legal system as a whole. 

    We strive to put forth the following in every case:

    • Legal Assistance You Can Count On
    • Thorough Knowledge of Alabama Divorce Law

    At Pilgrim & Pilgrim, let us take the guesswork out of child support.  Give us a call or click today for more information.

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