It is extremely vital for everyone involved in a civil case to be aware that the court appeals process is one that is very different than a given trial process. A trial is when both sides present arguments to the judge and jury so that the facts of the case can be established as well as they can be. During appeals, however, the appellate judge will have to decide if the trial judge misinterpreted the law when coming to a decision about the matter.

In almost every single appeals case, the whole of the process, no matter the original outcome, involves only written arguments, which are based on extensive legal research done by a lawyer. That being said, in rare cases the appellate judge may very well request a courtroom presentation in order that everyone has a more thorough understanding of the case. This will, of course, mean that your appeals lawyer will have one chance of defending your position and thus it is of the utmost importance that you hire an attorney who is not only skilled in legal research and well-informed of all of the facts of the case, but one that can effectively interpret the law while presenting very well-written arguments, both written and spoken.

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What IS A Court Appeal?

One or both of the parties involved in the case is dissatisfied with the outcome and requests that the evidence is looked at again by a higher court. They must argue that something was not quite right with the first ruling and that it should be changed.